Comission a Digital Painting – Full Body

Order a custom digital painting of the full body of a character (or set of characters) of your choice. This order form will give me an idea of what you want. After I recieve your order, I will contact you to make sure I understand what you want before I send you an invoice. Depending on the complexity of the drawing requested, I will deliver the completed painting in one to three weeks. 

Full Body pricing
Prices for a digital painting of the full body of a character.
Please enter a valid email address. This is how I will contact you when you place your order to verify or clarify what you want.
If you order a physical print of your commissioned painting, I need an address to send it to. Please include street, city, state, and zip code. Thank you!
A full body character is the whole character from head to foot. A character could be one dragon, or one person, or one sheep, or one dog, or one cat, or one owl, or one horse, or one beetle, or one entity of any sort. If you have a dragon and a dragonrider that counts as two characters. If you have a dragon, and a dragonrider fighting a monster, that counts as three characters.
Shading determines to a large degree the "finished" quality of the painting. No shading at all results in a flat drawing that looks somewhat cartoonish. Cell shading looks a little bit like comic book art. Soft shading looks like a polished work of art.
No background is just the Character as the focal point on a blank or transparent background. A "Simple Background" might be abstract gradients or patterns, or very simplistic scene. A "Complex Background" might look like trees, and rocks, or mountains, fully shaded to match the rest of the shading in the scene. A Complex Background puts the character into a full environment.
Each discount is exclusive of other discounts. None means you are ordering a fully completed painting. Sketch discount means you are ordering just the rough sketch, not a fully defined painting. Colored Sketch discount means you are getting a rough sketch that is colored in, but not super detailed. Outlines discount means you are getting a refined sketch with nice outlines. If no shading is chosen, this option would work as a coloring book. If you choose a shading option this will result in a better quality painting that is still at a discount.
When you order a physical print of your painting, the Digital painting will be created at print quality resolution and sent to a professional printer which produces the painting on matte poster paper and delivers it to your house directly from the printer. Price includes shipping.


I will create for you a custom digital painting of a character you describe. A full body painting is from head to foot of the character.


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